Florida called too reliant on natural gas for electricity

“Big monopoly utilities continue the rush to factor major gas infrastructure into their rate base for which we will all pay for decades,” Susan Glickman, who leads the Alliance’s Florida chapter, said in a statement. “Florida is woefully behind on capturing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewables.” Read the full story. 

Liberal groups protest Scott’s agenda

A group of activists and democratic lawmakers held a press conference under a coalition, “Awake the State” to protest Gov. Scott’s agenda and address alternative proposals for issues on clean energy, minimum wage and campaign finance reform, among others. Read more about the story here. 

Could selling leftover power become legal?

“We don’t want something that’s going to put onerous charges on people who want to put solar up,” Susan Glickman said. This statement comes as Senator Jeff Brandes filed a bill that would allow the sale of excess solar power, but doesn’t prohibit utilities from charging more for hookups. Read […]

Solar petition in sunny position

A broad coalition of conservatives and environments, including Clean Energy Girl, has teamed up to form Floridians for Solar Choice. The group is sponsoring a ballot initiative to allow solar companies to provide electricity for consumers and compete in a market currently dominated by monopoly power utilities. In just the […]

Lawmakers eye Fla. utilities’ ties to regulators

Clean Energy Girl recognizes that Pinellas County lawmaker Jack Latvala’s bill (SB288) is a start when it comes to eliminating the bond between the Public Service Commission and electric utilities. For too long there has been an influence in the legislature from monopoly utilities and the interests of shareholders have […]